About us

About Malar first aid courses

All over the world, people are realizing the importance of Emergency Medicine and how knowing even the very basics can save lives. In fact, with basic training, ie; First Aid Training, anyone can have the power to apply live-saving techniques.
Malar offers an efficient and extensively professional First Aid Training, let by emergency medical professionals. The courses are provided by ex-military and government personnel, and even exceptional professionals from the private sector.

All of these can provide:
– Extensive CPR
– Thorough First Aid Training
– Valuable Experience


Our Clients

Among our clientele are different companies and organizations: educational institutions, private security companies, government offices, community centers, tour guides, and many more. As such, Malar, garnered the recognition and appreciation of many governmental ministries.

Our Competitive Advantage

Malar is unique since it offers all the skills required to cope in medical emergency situations. Besides the basic and understanding what to technically do in emergency situations, we offer and explain how to take control.
What you will learn by taking a Malar First Aid Training:
-Handling a variety of situations and conditions
-Explaining how to apply treatment
-Overcoming obstacles arising during emergency

The Material

Malar’s First Aid Training is closely guided by Dr. Danit Aviv. Malar is closely guided by Dr. Danit Aviv. Her medical and professional direction assists Malar in providing an exceptional curriculum. The study materials are up to date with the latest emergency medicine research.
The material is well-written and comprehensible, suited for anyone who might take the course. The material has illustrated and visual aids, to complete the learning process.

Completing the Course

We provide each participant with a certificate upon successful completion. These certificates are recognized by the Ministry of Health – so you’re in good and certified hands!

We at Malar are committed in providing you with comprehensive and up to date material at all time, so we can save lives together.
Malar’s representatives will be at your service at any time, to answer all your questions, and provide you with detailed explanations about the variety of solutions we offer.
To order our First Aid courses, medical equipment, and medical security guidance, please contact us.
Looking forward to hear from you,
Malar management team at the Malar Center for First Aid Studies

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