Pediatric CPR & First Aid

Lesson list

Lesson no. 1 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation for babies and infants

Resuscitation is applied in order to prevent brain death and decline of the patient’s state. In other words, the act of resuscitation replaces the action of the heart, functioning as a life-saving action you must know to save your child’s life.

Lesson no. 2 Poisonings in childrens

There are different types of substances that, upon exposure, can cause poisoning and emergency situations.

Lesson no. 3 Climatic Injuries in childrens

Climatic injuries involve injuries caused by both heat and cold. Each of these conditions affects the body differently and we need to know how to deal with each of these effects properly.

Lesson no. 4 Allergies in Children

An allergy is a rather common condition in which the immune system attacks of overreacts to a certain material or substance. Sometimes, it can even have a bad reaction to more than one thing.

Lesson no. 5 Fractures and Broken Bones in childrens

There are several types of fractures, but we will only talk about a few.

Lesson no. 6 Head and Spine Injuries in childrens

In this class we will cover a broad spectrum of head and spinal injuries, all of which can be life-threatening when treated poorly.

Lesson no. 7 Shock in childrens

Shock is defined as a decrease in blood supply to the tissues as a result of a decrease in blood pressure.