Malar – The Largest First Aid Training Center

Malar – The Largest First Aid Training Center

First aid classes have always been a necessity. Firstly, they are significant in certain positions and serve as a preliminary requirement. Some of these are quite evident, for instance lifeguards, firefighters, police officers and others. However, some aren’t as clear. Did you know that daycare teachers and caregivers are also required to have an updated first aid training? Did you also know that parents who have a first aid training are more confident in life threatening situations, and likely to save their loved ones?

Having a proper first aid training, is no little thing. Especially during these trying times. Why? Well, during a pandemic one can never be too safe. Aside from the obvious health dangers that COVID-19 poses, we have all been spending more time at home. And as we all know, that is precisely where most life-threatening accidents take place.

We at Malar, understand how important it is for you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Which is why we have decided to reappropriate all of our courses and offer them online. Now, we know you might be used to your regular face to face first aid courses. But with high-quality content created by professionals and medics, detailed videos and instructional clips, and a final test, we have managed to bring first aid classes to your homes.

Malar – The Largest First Aid Training Center

Malar – The Largest First Aid Training Center

So, what can you learn on our website? Let us explore the variety of first aid courses:

Extensive 44-Hour Course

In this course you will cover first aid training from A-Z. You’ll learn the very basics about first aid, not just CPR and Heimlich maneuvers. You’ll also learn about the different bodily systems, how they function, and what might endanger them. You’ll have access to first aid training 4 adults, children, and toddlers. Furthermore, you will learn how to treat life threatening wounds, burns, hazardous substances and more. Finally, you’ll earn an official certificate stating you have completed an extensive first aid course.

Focused CPR Training

Don’t need all the basics and 101 knowledge on the human body? Perhaps you’re looking to refresh your existing knowledge of CPR? That’s perfectly fine. We have a solution for you too. With our CPR course you’ll complete the necessary steps too refreshing or acquiring CPR training for the very first time.

Toddler and Children First Aid

This might be the most important course you’ll take in your entire life. Nothing is more important than learning how to protect our precious treasures. In Malar’s Toddler and children first aid training, you learn just how to act and treat your children or others’ in life threatening situations. this course covers everything from toddler an infant body structure, through toddler and children CPR, an all the way to allergies, EpiPen, and inflammations. It should be noted that you don’t have to be a parent to take this course. If you have any children in your life, whether you are a caretaker or just a loving aunt, this course is just what you need.

Specific Courses

Assuming that none of these apply to you, Malar also offers specific courses covering smaller topics. For instance, we have a class on electrocutions that is highly recommended for any electrician or handyman. We also have a course on natural disasters, allergies, burns, cuts, and yes even an entire course on how to bandage and dress these different types of wounds. So, if you’re looking into specializing in specific types of first aid training, we have a solution for that too.

One of the clear advantages that Malar’s First Aid Training Center has is that you can tailor your own course. On the website you can pick and choose the classes that you’re interested in (assuming that you don’t take the extensive 44-hour-course). The result of course, is that you can create your ideal first aid training plan. One that suits your individual needs and can be adjusted to either your personal or professional life.

At the end of every Malar course you will get a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the class to which you have registered. If you are unsure as to which course or training you need, our experts we’ll be more than happy to assist. Remember, first aid training should not be taken lightly make sure you work with the very best.