How It Works

Welcome To MALAR’s First Aid Courses

Malar’s First Aid Learning Center is dedicated to offering and creating the most up to date first aid training courses. The system is very simple and use friendly. All you need to do is choose the first aid courses that you’d like to learn and add them to your cart. Finally, you’ll have access to all the professional material our Malar first-aid experts have compiled. Once you’ve successfully completed the theoretical material, followed by video clips and different exercises, you’ll be able to take a test. Upon completion, you’ll receive an official certificate, stating you are eligible to practice First Aid assistance and CPR.

The process

1. Course registration is done in two steps: registration and payment.
2. If you have a user account, please log in to the App login page.
3. If you are not registered for the course – register now.
4. In order to register for the course, you must open a user account on the site.
5. You can then pay for one of the courses through one of the following forms of payment:
• Secure payment by credit card on site.
• Check / cash payment in coordination with the training center (tel: 03-6700971).
6. Once you’ve gained access, you can begin taking for your first aid training.
7. Complete the exam and receive your first aid/CPR certificate

How It Works


Choose the topics and put together your course


Study from everywhere at your own place


Pass the test


Print your certification

Sample Lessons

More information

The online course is divided into study sections that include instructional videos, flow charts, and images that visually illustrate the content being studied, with the completion of each repetition questionnaire providing an indicator of the apprentice’s mastery of the material being studied, indicating that the various chapters and questions may be repeated as needed. At the end of the course, the trainee will take a theoretical test at the same level of difficulty as the material being studied.

If questions arise during the learning process, Meller’s guidance team will be happy to answer any problems you may have. You can contact us through a forum that is open to course participants or by phone.
At the end of the online course, the student will undergo practical training, accompanied by a professional instructor and a qualified instructor from the Maler company. The hands-on training will include learning different ways of handling various emergencies, including simulations with resuscitation dolls, a defibrillator, and dressing equipment. Certificate of Completion First aid course recognized by government offices and insurance companies is subject to a theoretical and practical test.